Wherever You Go

by Clint Curtis



Early release only on Bandcamp - New power rock single!


Verse 1
Broken light shining on you
And you’re wishing that you could have had
Something you could hold on to
When the lights are fading

As you head into the night
kiss the morning goodbye
and hang your wish upon that star
it’s your heart

Wherever you go
I’ll be there
I’ll be closer than the air
Wherever you are
look inside I’ll be there
Wherever you go
Find the light, you can see it if you look real high
Wherever You Go I’ll be there

Verse 2:
I’ll be there when your heart burns bright
I’ll be there when you're trying to hide
The endless night in your endless heart
You can find a reason if you start

There’s so much more than you can see
And you’ll find out who you’ll be
I will never let you down


If the light won’t let you in
and the night won’t let you win
If the light won’t let you in
Let it Go



released May 26, 2018
Written and produced by Clint Curtis
All instruments: Clint Curtis


all rights reserved


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